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Natural Remedies for Stressful Times | Amara Wellness

Image Autumn has arrived! There are so many things that I love about this season. Where I live, here in the Northeast, the skies are the most gorgeous blue and the leaves are beginning to turn brilliant shades of orange and red. I love that it is cool enough to turn on the oven without blasting the a/c and that the cooler evenings mean the start of soup season. And, while there are so many things to love about this time of year, there are some things that I don’t. I don’t enjoy feeling rushed to get the kids out the door in the mornings. I don’t enjoy feeling over scheduled and having to decline invitations, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities etc.

Basically, the main thing that I don’t enjoy this time of year is the extra STRESS that seem to accompany the falling leaves.

Back to school, sports practice, homework, traveling for business, family functions, fund-raisers, music lessons, teacher conferences…and that’s just a regular week. Toss in a family emergency, illness or move and it’s no wonder that we’re all stressed (including our children). Next month I’ll be sharing with you an exciting program, from an incredible colleague, to help you simplify and de-stress your life. In the meantime, I wanted to offer you a few natural remedies that I find absolutely essential for survival this time of year.

  1. Stress Away essential oil blend from Young Living.  I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been known to refer to this oil blend as my “drug of choice”. I wear it almost every day. Somehow the combination of vanilla, lime and lavender (there are other notes in the blend as well) transport me to a tropical paradise where children don’t have tantrums and dinner is already made 😉 .
  2. Peace & Calming essential oil blend from Young Living.  A hectic lifestyle can be difficult for children too. I do my best to simplify, give them plenty of unstructured play in nature, and limit the activities, but often it isn’t enough. When my child is having a hard time decompressing at the end of the day, I give them a bath with two drops of Peace & Calming oil and it helps tremendously. And, by the way, it works for the grown-ups too!
  3. Yoga.  We all know that yoga is great for children and adults. It helps with both the physical and emotional effects of stress. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to get to a class, so I have come to rely on my Yoga Deck. I often let them choose a few cards and we do the poses together after school.
  4. Rescue Remedy.  Having a particularly traumatic day? Rescue remedy is a combination of five Bach flower essences, blended specifically to help you cope with stress and trauma. When my kids were babies, I’d carry a bottle of Rescue in my diaper bag because almost every day would feel traumatic.
  5. Immupro.  Of all of the remedies I’ve listed here, the one thing that will help you cope with stress, more than anything else, is sleep. Unfortunately, that isn’t always easy to come by. I’ve found that, for some clients, a supplement like Immupro can be game changing. It contains a small amount of melatonin and a combination of immune boosting mushrooms to give your immune system a boost and help your body get into a good sleep rhythm.