You might be surprised to learn that I secretly love Halloween. I love the fun costumes and the pumpkin carving and the fall decorations. It’s one of my favorite times of year. I’m not a huge fan of the candy-overload, but hey, I pick my battles.

Image Recently I was asked, during a radio interview, how to create a “healthy halloween?” Lets be real, Halloween isn’t about health. It’s about fun and, yes, candy is fun. I’m not here to put a damper on anyone’s fun. I like fun (and candy) just as much as anyone. So, let’s enjoy the day (it’s a day, not a week or a month, btw) without guilt or shame, and think of it as an opportunity to teach ourselves and our children a lesson in moderation. And, if you feel inspired to focus more on the silly, spooky and funny elements of Halloween, all the better. It’s what we do in our family and, as you can see from our picture, we still have plenty of fun. I’ve shared some of my favorite candy alternatives in a previous blog that I want to share again.

This blog post is a few years old and my kids now recognize the “goodies” in the candy aisle. We still manage to practice moderation and enjoy Halloween fun.

I still run into these creepy peeps who feel like it is their civic duty to make sure that my kids are not deprived of buckets of candy. What’s up with that? Read my story here…