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2021/2022 Autumn/Winter schedule


Interested in having your group or organization host Amara for a class or workshop?
It’s one of her favorite things!!
email her (amara at amarawellness dot com) 
to see what’s possible.

 We’re back to offering in person workshops, sacred circles and retreats as well as some virtual too.  

Classes are kept small so each participant receives personalized attention and guidance — register and reserve your spot today!

I’ve been learning from Amara for years, so I was excited to see an opportunity for my 8 year old to learn from her, too! I brought my son, Xander, and his friend to Amara’s class, and they loved it. I thought Xander would say, “That sounds boring!” when I suggested it. But he and his friend were both happy to attend, interested and involved, loved tasting the foods, and are looking forward to her next class. I enjoyed seeing Xander learn – among peers, and from someone other than me – that it’s cool to eat healthy foods and try new things. I LOVE Amara, her personality, and her teaching style, and I HIGHLY recommend working with her any chance you get! Maegan Dougherty (Mom of 2 and Amara fan for 6+ years)

As a mom of 2 boys, 7 & 9 years old, I have taken several of Amara’s in person, online and over the phone classes relating to many aspects of keeping myself and my family healthy (and liking it). I had never taken my kids with me until the latest class I took, Eat the Rainbow, so I crossed my fingers that they would like Amara and all her wisdom as much as I do. All the kids were exposed to a wide variety of healthy food options and were empowered to choose whatever they wanted to try, test & sample. They were able to see other kids trying different foods and slowly broadened their horizons. In the meantime, the parents were instructed to give the kids the freedom to make their own choices, which was so insanely difficult but proved to be a huge lesson to me to let go and let them explore and build confidence in their choices. Since taking the class, I have been putting out a variety of food options for the kids to graze upon without instructing them how and what to eat, which lowers the collective stress level in our house at snack & meal times. Amara has a great ability to know just what you are going through and help you look at the situation from a different perspective. As for the kids, they gave Amara and the class a thumbs up:) Jill R.

I have taken two cooking classes with Amara and both were a wonderful experience.  Amara is very warm and welcoming and makes everyone feel right at home in her beautiful kitchen. Even though I didn’t know everyone in the class, I felt as though I was cooking with old friends. I was able to learn some new time and cost saving tricks and tips to use in the kitchen.  I also learned about interesting ingredients that I have never used before. I highly recommend Amara’s cooking classes to both beginner and advanced cooks. I look forward to taking more classes with her. Janet

I heard about Amara’s cooking class being linked to her Fiercely Intuitive Mamas program. I hope to expose my children to new healthy food options, and to allow them to expand their healthy food choices – and I received all that from the class.

I really enjoyed that children were allowed to be independent in their food choices, empowering them to make their own choices and be amazed from what new foods they liked.  My kids thought that the class was fun, they felt good about themselves and excited to try incorporating their new food choices into daily meals/routines. They were also excited to help mommy cook.

Amara is calm, present, informative and knowledgeable. She guided the children, did not talk at them but engaged them.
I’m always interested in taking more classes with Amara for myself and my children.

Tracey K.

Past Classes have included: 

KIDS Cooking Class: Chocolate Lovers Workshop

Crazy about chocolate? Me too!! Bring your kids as we learn how to make some of my family’s most favorite chocolate infused recipes. We’ll talk about the importance of choosing high quality ingredients and I’ll share some of my tricks for infusing a little bit of nutrition without sacrificing an ounce of yummy-ness.

On the Menu: Chocolate muffins, brownies, hot chocolate and more! 
All recipes will be gluten free and use organic ingredients whenever possible.

This class is designed for kids 8 years + and will be limited to 8 participants. Parents are welcome to drop-off or stay. Price is per participant.

Cost: $25 before Feb 12 ($35 after Feb 12)


Workshop: Optimize Your Family’s Nutrition for a Healthy Winter Season

A workshop about seasonal foods and eating habits to help balance your child’s (and yours too!) energy, mood and, of course, immune system. You’ll come away from this workshop with a better understanding of how specific seasonal foods affect our energy, mood, behavior and health, and how to optimize nutrition specifically for this time of year.

Workshop for families: Eat the Rainbow

Is your “picky eater” making you crazy?
Tired of begging, bribing and lecturing them?
Would you like to expose your kids to different foods but tired of spending time and money on ingredients only to get the “yuck” response

Grab the kids and join Amara for this family workshop and tasting opportunity. Kids will learn what gives food their colors naturally, why it’s important to eat a variety of foods and have a chance to taste a variety of delicious foods from the rainbow of colors. Picky eater welcome (I promise not to be offended if they hate everything!)

Tasting Menu will include: real jello; glorious green pasta; pumpkin spice muffins; fruit kebabs; chocolatey dessert and more!
Recipes will be provided so you can go home and make what they liked.

Cooking Class: Glorious Greens

Sick of making the same veggies over and over in the same ways? Know you should be eating more greens, but have no idea how to make them taste better? Looking for inspiration to get out of a food rut?  Join me for glorious greens and I’ll teach you about some of my most favorite green veggies (not only which ones I love but how to choose them, prep them and cook them for maximum health benefit AND taste!) If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet and have started to notice you’re more of a “junk food” vegetarian- do not miss this class!! AND if you’re happy and proud to be a carnivore (as am I), you’ll DEFINITLEY not want to miss this class.  Everyone will enjoy a generous tasting of everything we make.

In person, hands-on classes are limited to 8 students.

All recipes will be gluten free and use organic ingredients whenever possible (other dietary restrictions may be accomodated, please make not upon registration).

On the Menu: greens galore! We’ll be working with kale, collards, chard and more!
All recipes will be gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free and use organic ingredients whenever possible. 

Cost: $25 before March 15 ($35 after March 15) THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT

NEW OPTION: Want to partipate in Glorious Greens from the comfort of your own kitchen?? YOU CAN!!
Join us virtually (you’ll receive an ingredient list in advance so you can cook-along).

Sip, Sniff & Chill (an essential oils workshop) 

Before the summer winds down, let’s take some time to enjoy ourselves with two of my favorite things—wine and essential oils!!
Learn how essential oils work and the best ways to use them. I’ll share some important safety info too! How to maximize the benefits of oils you already own and which ones are my must-haves. PLUS: Make your own luxurious body scrub to take home.
Cost $12 

Easy Weeknight Dinners in a Pinch

How often do you find yourself wondering (last minute) “what’s for dinner” and then picking up a take-out menu?
Wouldn’t you like to lean how to make a home-cooked dinner in less time (and for less money) than it takes to order-in?
This class will teach you two essential skills for fast, seamless weeknight dinners in a pinch. First, we’ll talk about stocking your pantry and freezer for delicious but super fast and easy weeknight dinners.  Second, you’ll learn the art of kitchen improv so you don’t have to worry about being tied to recipes or ingredient lists. This class has no recipes and no measuring, just techniques and inspiration to use at home in your everyday cooking so you can learn to follow your instincts when it comes to the kitchen. We’ll be making creative recipes that are healthy, simple and can be made from the contents of a well-stocked pantry/freezer.
On the Menu: teriyaki chicken with fried rice; gluten-free pasta with shrimp; polenta with wild mushrooms
Hands-on cooking classes are limited to 8 participants
Ingredients will be gluten-free and organic.

Back to School; Back to YOU! 

An in-person mini-retreat

An in-person mini-retreat to help you feel nourished in your mind, body and soul

This will NOT be your typical self care day.
We won’t be doing nails or complaining about our kids and partners. 
We won’t be exchanging weight loss tips. 
We won’t be comparing shopping bargains. 
(we may however, eat some chocolate)
We WILL gather in community and learn how REAL self care looks. You’ll begin to uncover the ways in which you’re actually sabotaging your efforts to be more healthy, and learn how to stop them in their tracks. You’ll discover new ways to nourish your body with your breath, with food and with support from women who want the same things you want. You’ll leave this event with a sense of balance and peace and tools to help you bring them back to your everyday ife. 

Cost: $67  includes all materials and handouts AND a delicous organic dinner–just bring yourself!