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Baby Steps for a Healthier Family | Amara Wellness

I’ll bet you’re familiar with all of these, and you probably know that you “should” be doing them. Even these small “baby steps” will take your family leaps and bounds towards a healthier future.

Drink more water. There are so many fancy drinks on the market, all claiming to not make you fat, and quench your thirst, but nothing beats good old water. Get your kids on board by making it a game to count the number of glasses each family member drinks a day.

Eat fewer white and beige things. It’s a good general rule of thumb, the most nutrient dense foods aren’t pale, but bright and colorful.

Make fat your friend. We need good fats for almost every function in our body. Trust me when I tell you, fat isn’t what makes you fat, the white stuff (see above) does.

Don’t ignore your cravings. Your body talks to you all the time, and if you are listening, you’ll receive very important information. Cravings can often be your body’s way of telling you what it needs more or less of.

Get an accountability partner. Finding someone who supports you, and will lovingly nudge you in a healthy direction, is essential for creating change.