The following five foods are often touted as healthy, but in reality, they are all heavily processed foods. If eaten regularly, these foods will eventually make you sick, not healthy.

1) Organic junk food. Organic pizza, crackers, cookies, chips etc. Even though they’re organic, they are all still junk foods. They may have less preservatives, chemicals, etc. than the non-organic variety, but they aren’t doing much to keep your body healthy and vibrant either.

2) Soy. Soy-based substitutes for meat, dairy, chicken, milk, etc. are heavily processed foods that can wreak havoc on your digestive and immune systems. Soy does have health benefits, but only in fermented forms.

3) Low fat foods. Many low-fat foods have extra sugar, to make up for flavor. Believe it or not, fat is an important part of your diet. Fat also helps you feel full and satiated. Ever eat an entire box of fat-free cookies and still not feel satisfied?

4) Muffins. Most store-bought muffins are really just cupcakes without frosting. Would you give your child a cupcake for breakfast every day? HOWEVER, muffins that you bake from scratch can be delicious and wholesome. By adding pureed vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds or even nut-butter, you can pack a powerhouse of nutrition into a homemade muffin.

5) Butter substitutes. Butter substitutes often contain highly processed oils, manufactured in a lab, not nature. Butter, on the other hand, from organic, grass-fed cows, is a healthy and natural food that provides necessary vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Children and pregnant women can especially benefit from fresh, organic butter.