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Five Tips: Must-have essential oils for summer | Amara Wellness

Here is my list of “must have” essential oils for summer. Seriously, I take these babies with me EVERYWHERE!

  • It’s HOT out there and peppermint essential oil is cooling. I love putting 3 drops into a small spray bottle mixed with water. The mist is wonderfully cooling and even soothing for a sunburn.
  • Purification essential oil blend works great as an insect repellent. I use it in combination with peppermint, Thieves and geranium for our family’s bug repellent. I also use Purification to ease the pain from a bee sting.
  • Lavender is incredibly soothing, calming, and my go-to burn remedy. Mist with some peppermint for a soothing after-sun skin care.
  • I am a lot more active in the summer (swimming, biking, running, walking, etc.), and, especially in the beginning, my body feels it! Deep Relief essential oil blend helps soothe sore muscles.
  • Anyone who knows me well knows that Stress Away essential oil blend is my perfume. I never leave home without this oil. NEVER. EVER. Maybe that’s why people always say I look so calm 😉

Not just any Essential Oil Will Do
Here is why I choose Young Living Essential Oils for my own family, and I hope you will too

Young Living holds itself to a very high standard in the way that they grow and distill plants to create essential oils. Young Living Essential oils are therapeutic and food grade. They have such powerful healing properties that many hospitals around the country are using Young Living oils in research studies. When choosing an oil for my family, it is most important that it be 100% pure. Please remember that when you use something topically, it is absorbed into your body through your skin, so using food-grade products, even on your skin, is extremely important for your health. If you are interested in purchasing essential oils, please click here or drop me an email.