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Fiercely Intuitive Mamas Sacred Circle and Mastermind

This program is ideal for mindful, attached, holistic mothers, who want to connect more deeply to their intuition and wish to explore the ways in which mothering is part of your spiritual journey. Because of the way we mother, things can fall out of balance quickly and you can be left feeling lonely, exhausted and disconnected from your intuition and your power as a mother.

The Fiercely Intuitive Mamas Sacred Circle and Mastermind will help you find your balance and empower you to listen to and trust your intuition when it comes to your health and your family’s health. AND, because lets face it, being a Fiercely Intuitive Mama can be lonely, especially when you’re going against what most moms are doing and what the ads on TV and magazines are preaching, this program will will create a close community of mothers to support your soul, your dreams, and the daily challenges of life and motherhood.

In this six month program, I will share my years of experience in spiritual mothering, natural remedies, mindful parenting, archetypes, rituals, the cycles & rhythms of nature, and, of course, connecting to your intuition. I will help you decipher your fear from intuition and teach you techniques and natural remedies to overcome fears that block you. You’ll learn how to incorporate bach flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy, healing foods and energetic medicine, in a way that makes sense for your family and resonates with your inner wisdom, to heal and live a vibrant, passion-filled, delicious life. During the course of this program we’ll have the opportunity to gather in-person as a group for three deeply transformational retreat experiences.

Natural Remedies for Modern Mamas

Are you facing the prospect of tubes for chronic ear infections or steroids for skin eczema? Wish you knew more about natural remedies so you could avoid medications with harsh side-effects?

Feel like you’ve tried everything you can think of but still have a feeling that there might be some way to keep your child healthy without resorting surgery or medication?

Natural Remedies for Modern Mamas will teach you to navigate and make sense of the sometimes overwhelming and confusing world of natural remedies and holistic health for your family. In this course we will address essential oils, homeopathy, bach flower remedies, foods that affect specific health issues and healing foods, energetic medicine and will help you put together a holistic first aid kit for your family. You’ll also have an opportunity to get answers to your questions, feedback, support and troubleshooting about specific issues you’re dealing with from an experience holistic health mentor.
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Private Holistic Mama Mentorship

This is my most supportive program and, because this is a true mentorship program with tons of one-on-one hand-holding and support, I only take a limited number of private clients. Private Holistic Mama Mentorship is designed for the mom who is ready to take her family’s health to the next level, in a BIG way to improve immediate health and long term well-being. If you’ve been wanting to implement changes when it comes to how your family eats, your cooking, or you’re ready to take the reigns when it comes to your family’s health, this it the program for you.

In addition to our private coaching sessions, you’ll also have an opportunity to get answers to your questions, feedback, support and troubleshooting whenever you need it. Get organized and create systems when it comes to shopping, food prep and cooking, to help you to feel more confident and in control when it comes to nourishing yourself and your family and addressing your health needs. Contact me to schedule a time to connect and see if private mentorship is a good fit for you, no strings attached. Schedule a call with by clicking below.