You’re probably not surprised to haer that my list of back-to-school supplies includes more than pencils, folders and glue sticks. Here are a few things I stock up on this time of year…

  • Essential oils to repel lice. If you escaped the summer camp outbreak, consider yourself lucky. I try to keep my daughter’s hair in a ponytail or braids, beg them not to share hats or headbands, and spray their hair with essential oils such as rosemary, tea tree, citronella and geranium (all natural head lice repellents) before school.
  • Natural solutions to help ease transitions. Change is good but not always easy, especially for very sensitive children. It’s helpful to slow down the pace and create routines that are predictable. I like to diffuse Peace & Calming or Lavender essential oils in the evening. A few days before school starts (or any other big transitions) I start giving my kids the Bach Flower Remedy Walnut. It helps children (and adults) experience transitions with more ease.
  • Help for mom. Of course more sleep would be helpful and, in addition to making an early bedtime priority, I rely on Stress Away essential oil blend and the Bach Flower Remedy of Elm (which is helpful when feeling overwhelmed).
  • Back to School = cold & flu season. There are a multitude of reasons why this time of year is notorious for our children getting sick, but there is plenty you can start doing now to support their immune systems and help the body do its job. A few things I help my clients with include making sure your vitamin D levels are sufficient, decrease sugar consumption (which actually lowers your body’s ability to fight infection), and increase probiotic foods (which can actually help your body stay healthy).