Unfortunately for me (ahem, I mean the Switch Witch) our neighbors bought a lot of “good candy” this year (ie: peanut butter cups, almond joy and snickers). My children had a few pieces this weekend and then left the rest for the Switch Witch. She dutifully came in the middle of the night to trade candy for books about magic. The kids were thrilled….The Switch Witch has a candy hangover.

Not to worry, she’s found a place to donate the rest and has implemented the following:

1) Water, water, water (and then water with lemon). Over the next few days, I’m going to keep track of how many times I re-fill my water bottle and I’ll plan to drink half my body weight in ounces every day. Sugar taxes the body and contributes to dehydration. It’s important to flush out the body and rehydrate with water. Sugar also contributes to an acidic environment in the body and fresh squeezed lemon juice will help alkalize your body.

2) Eliminate ALL sweet stuff. For three days I’ll be eating protein, fats and veggies only. I’m also being careful to avoid processed foods that have hidden sugar like ketchup, tomato sauce, salad dressing, etc. Sugar is addictive and it’s best to go cold turkey.

3) Sleep. For the next week I’m committing to a 10pm bedtime…every day! When we aren’t getting enough sleep we crave sugar, coffee and carbs to boost our energy. The problem is that these foods cause havoc on our bodies and the energy they give is short-lived.

4) Support your gut. Often when I talk about supporting your gut, I’m talking about intuition but, in this case, I’m talking about your actual gut. I’ll be adding a little bit of miso to my bone broth at lunch and being more careful to take my probiotic supplement before bed. High sugar consumption impairs your normal gut flora so probiotics and probiotic foods are essential.

5) Move your body. I’m committing to move my body every day over the next week. Exercise (even walking or dancing) is a great way to reduce stress and it helps your body use glucose (sugar in your bloodstream). This isn’t about overdoing it or punishing yourself (which would increase stress in your body) but about finding ways to move your body that are enjoyable and support your long-term health. ​