what other mamas want you to know….

I love how informative and down to earth Amara is. Her approach is non-judge mental and she speaks from her heart. I feel lucky to have been able to share in this experience. Every Mom should empower themselves with her simple yet powerful tips.

Jessica Madden, Mom of two in California

When I started working with Amara, I had a good intuitive sense about natural healing and remedies.
I felt I had a decent working knowledge about healthy foods and some alternative remedies but, there were many things I wanted to learn more about.

I came to Amara to expand my knowledge about nutrition, different healing modalities and address some chronic health concerns.

Since taking the program, not only has my understanding about natural health and healing grown, but I learned so much more than I imagined! I’m now trying new ways to address my family’s health and seeing immediate results. I’m incredibly inspired and motivated by Amara. She is very wise and knowledgeable, informed and easy to talk to. I could ask her any question, big or small, and she would answer me fully. I never felt judged, or embarrassed. Amara is one of us.

I would encourage any mom, with any interest in natural health and healing to work with her. It doesn’t matter if you know very little or have a lot of experience, there is so much to learn! This is the sort of course that changes your life. It definitely changed mine.

Thank you Amara!

Joni, parent coach at insightparent.com, mom of two in Brooklyn, NY

I began working with Amara when my 2 year old was eating little more than mac & cheese, grilled cheese and peanut butter & jelly-it was like the kids menu every day. Working one on one with Amara, I was able to make incremental steps to shifting the way I went grocery shopping, choosing the best vitamins for me and my family, keeping my energy up, how I thought about food and the way my whole family was eating. And it was not overwhelming like I thought it would be.

I continued to work with Amara and I was impressed by how she relays a lot of information in easily digestible pieces. I have made healthier choices for me and my family and food is no longer a struggle, it has really been an empowering experience. Amara is the best mix of professional health coach, best friend and sincere, genuine, caring woman that you want on your team as a mom and as a woman. Thank you, Amara!

Jill Rodriguez, mom of 2 in Rutherford, NJ

Since working with Amara I feel I have a deeper understanding and practice of the emotional components of healing which is in line with my yoga practices and teaching. They bolster each other. She is a gentle, kind, present and resonating reminder of our own intuition, our own inner resources and to listen within to find what is right for you and your family. Having said that, she provides a thorough education on many modalities and paths so we have an opportunity to learn about all of it and see what feels right for our path.

With all of the foundational work in this program, as well as her compassionate and caring presence on 1-1 calls and group calls, I felt held and prepared to face a breast biopsy with the use of my essential oils leading up to, on the day of, and continuing after for my emotional and physical health. I am very grateful for every step being essential to my growth and health,.

Angela Cays, Mom in Wyckoff, NJ

If you have any issues at all with your children’s health, your children’s eating habits, or the well-being of your entire family, you’ll want to speak with Amara. She is a powerful combination of diagnosis detective, intuitive healer, and holder of space for you to get fully connected with your inner wisdom and clear on the best next steps for your family. Not to mention, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of remedies, supplements, dietary recommendations and tools for everyday health.

After giving birth to my first child, I suffered from postpartum depression and I was determined to not experience that again with my second. Amara masterfully supported me from pregnancy through post-natal to avoid the postpartum depression through diet and supplements, to connect to my intuition around nursing and teaching my baby how to sleep, and to keep myself as healthy as possible through it all – and I am so grateful!

Joanna Lindenbaum, Mom of two in Charlotte, NC