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It’s January and you’ve probably been inundated with quick ways to lose weight and get fit fast. This is NOT that.

If you’re just looking to drop dress sizes or get your "bikini body"  this is not the program for you.

Each day for ten days you’ll receive a short video tip that you can start incorporating into your family’s routine right away.

GET STARTED NOWfor just $17
Your daily video will be short, sweet and to the point, so you can take your tip and get on with your day.
Videos will cover: 
  • Natural remedies that can help support a healthy immune system

  • Foods that act as immune system boosters and busters

  • Family friendly strategies for incorporating immune boosters into what you eat

  • Tips for finding hidden ingredients that may negatively affect your health

  • Working with what’s already in your kitchen to create a healthier lifestyle

  • Recipes, brand recommendations and specific strategies, so you can start right way.

  • a private Facebook group to ask questions and receive support from Amara and her community of mamas