One of the things that I absolutely love about coaching is that it provides a space for your own infinite wisdom and knowledge to come through. Recently my son had a lot of questions about why different families make different food choices and these were some of his observations:

  1. “Parents don’t know everything and sometimes kids know more than their adults. It’s cool when kids can teach their parents things about nature and health and we all learn from each other.”
  2. “When parents say yes to unhealthy foods because they want to be nice to their kids, they aren’t really being nice. Sometimes saying no is also being nice because the kid doesn’t really understand which foods are healthy.”
  3. “Ice cream before dinner is ok sometimes, as a special treat, but I’m glad we don’t do that all the time.”
  4. “Moms who don’t know how to cook still love their kids and can be really nice, good moms.”
  5. “Teaching someone about food and eating it yourself is better than forcing them to eat it.”
  6. “I want to help my friends and family eat more healthy foods so they can feel healthy like I do.”

Just to be clear, this is the same kid who would eat ice cream three meals a day, if I let him and still gags at the sight of zucchini. And still, it reminds me that the effort of teaching my family about nutrition and taking care of our bodies, and the effort it takes to walk my talk, are well worth it.