I support mamas who are committed to raising your family as naturally as possible, WITHOUT sacrificing your own health or sanity.
It’s not easy but, I promise you, it’s possible.

If your commitment to being a “natural-minded” mom has left you exhausted from spending hours upon hours researching and reading conflicting articles; stressed about spending thousands of dollars on organic foods, essential oils and supplements; or drained because every ounce of your energy goes to making sure that you don’t stray from a specific eating plan,
you might be missing the mark.

The key to your family’s health, well-being & happiness isn’t in following the latest diet, having the ideal home-birth, wearing your baby, or eating all homemade organic foods  (although they may all be important!)  Being the best mom you can be, and mom you want to be, doesn’t come from any of those things . As a mother YOU are the most powerful healer for your family BUT your ability to make the best decisions about the health and well-being of your family is dependent on you stepping into your higher wisdom, and learning to decipher your intuition from your fears.

In addition to teaching my clients how to navigate healthy eating, holistic remedies and natural parenting, I help moms  learn what it means to connect to your intuition, as a regular practice, and how to use tools that will allow you to be the mindful mama you desire to be, while enjoying your life, your children, AND experiencing health and wellness.